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wtf?! - Ain't It A Shame
December 1st, 2008
12:49 pm


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school can die a slow painful death.
i always liked school, but now..i would quit if i got the chance.

fuck you socio of deviance.

other than school, i'm pretty happy. i'm finally working again, and that makes me happier than anything. it's sad how much i missed the people that i worked with.

friends are amazing. i can't wait to go up to columbus with steph to see classic addict! gah, it's gonna rock. i need to hang with my sara more. she's having stupid friend issues and so she needs to spend time with less stupid friends. like me!

um, i'm on twitter now. i didn't understand the fascination with it, but...now i'm obsessed.

follow me, i'll follow you!

apparently i'm gonna go see family force 5 tonight! love them.

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